Tip Extraction Collector (TEC)

Tip Extraction Collector (TEC)

Reduce Exposure to Welding Particulates

The ProStar™ Tip Extraction Collector (TEC) collects 95% of welding fume and particulates, at the source – the end of your MIG gun.           

Easy to Operate. More Efficient Collection.

Praxair helps you reduce your employees’ exposure to harmful welding particulates. When paired with a fume extraction torch, the high-powered Prostar Tip Extraction Collector (TEC) delivers fume extraction at the tip of the welding torch. By capturing more particulate closer to the source and pulling the fumes through the gun, operator exposure to welding fume is reduced by at least 95%.

Tip Extraction Collector Image | Praxair 

  • Economically priced units
  • Long-life HEPA rated, washable cartridge filter
  • Dual hose unit available for use with 2 welders
  • High-pressure unit available for hose runs over 20 feet
 Tip Extraction Collector (TEC) | Praxair


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