April 2019

A Cleaner Better Resonator Gas

Productivity Matters Blog: A Cleaner Better Resonator Gas | Praxair

Your laser is a high performance, fine tuned machine. In order to ensure it runs smoothly, regular maintenance is required. Failure to perform regular maintenance can result in system problems and impact your final product quality. When you invest a substantial amount of money in a piece of equipment, like a laser, maintenance time is a given.

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Taking Productivity a Cut Above

Productivity Matters Blog: Taking Productivity a Cut Above | Praxair

Manufacturers have been machining stainless steel since the early 1900s. Since that time, one of the most expensive materials to process has proven itself to be vitally important to certain manufacturing sectors, such as the energy and food processing markets. Today manufacturers are looking for faster and less expensive ways to increase productivity on stainless.

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Big or Small, Keep the Work Flowing

Productivity Matters Blog: Big or Small, Keep the Work Flowing | Praxair

Do you know how many gas cylinders you have in your inventory right now? When your next cylinder delivery is scheduled for? How long until your current cylinders run out of gas? Your answers to those three questions can quickly uncover the bottlenecks of gas supply management. Between having the right amount of cylinders on-hand, scheduling your delivery precisely in time to not run out, and losing production time to handle and switch out cylinders – it all adds up, and fast.

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Case Study - Lenox/American Saw

Productivity Matters Blog: Case Study - Lenox and American Saw | Praxair

Praxair is well known as a provider of high-quality industrial gases for the metal fabrication industry, but many customers also rely on the company’s welding equipment and related tools to help improve their shop’s productivity. One example is the line of Lenox/ American Saw metal-cutting blades distributed by Praxair. For almost a hundred years, Lenox has been a leader in producing exceptionally reliable and precise saw blades for a variety of commercial and consumer applications. The strong bimetal Lenox blades offered by Praxair are known for clean cuts, long life and their ability to resist breaking.

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