Case Study - Lenox/American Saw

Praxair Brings Sharp Improvements to Georgia Steel Fabricator

Lenox saw blades and Praxair keep Georgia shop on the cutting edge.

Praxair is well known as a provider of high-quality industrial gases for the metal fabrication industry, but many customers also rely on the company’s welding equipment and related tools to help improve their shop’s productivity. One example is the line of Lenox/ American Saw metal-cutting blades distributed by Praxair. For almost a hundred years, Lenox has been a leader in producing exceptionally reliable and precise saw blades for a variety of commercial and consumer applications. The strong bimetal Lenox blades offered by Praxair are known for clean cuts, long life and their ability to resist breaking. “They’re good blades, absolutely,” said Mike Webb, president of Whitlow Electric Company in Elberton, Georgia. “We’ve been using them for about 15 years.” Whitlow is a successful familyowned operation that manufactures a variety of large steel structures, such as transmission towers, substations and switch operator platforms for the power-generation industry. “We have five vertical band saws with the Lenox blades,” Webb said. “We cut a lot of different kinds of structural steel with them, like wide flanges, tube, channel and large angle.” “They use a lot of our Lenox blades, and they’re getting really good results,” said Butch Dobos, the Praxair Representative who serves Whitlow. “They’ve told me that when somebody tries to sell them on another blade, they say they don’t have any reason to change.”

Webb explained that he trusts Butch and Praxair for their technical advice and knowledge about cutting, in addition to depending on them to keep Whitlow supplied with blades. “A few years ago, they showed us how we could use a different tooth combination, and that change really extended the life of the blades,” Webb said. “They also gave us ways to maintain the blades and our cutting equipment better, which meant we had less downtime.” By reliably performing at less cost-per- cut, Lenox blades are another tool Praxair offers metal fabrication shops to be more efficient and productive. Praxair’s goal is to be a value-added partner with supplies and services to help you put more and better products out the door, and then put more money on your bottom line. “We have a win-win relationship with Praxair,” Webb said. “When we have an issue that needs solving, they go out and find the answer for us. They’re a good go-to company.”

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