January 2019

On the Cutting Edge

Productivity Matters Blog: On the Cutting Edge | Praxair

CNC cutting machines give users the versatility to create custom-design artwork or handle high-production tasks such as replicating a single part 500 times daily for mass-produced machinery. Praxair has developed its series of ProStar CNC automated cutting machines to satisfy the growing demand for high-quality, technologically advanced equipment that can save users valuable labor time and increase productivity.

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Laboring for Talent

Laboring for Talent | Praxair Blog

The skilled labor shortage in the United States slowly continues to worsen. The National Center for Welding Education and Training (Weld-ED) projects from now throughout 2019 that nearly 240,000 total new and replacement welding professionals will be needed in the workforce. This staggering number includes the labor needed for new positions and to replace the aging baby boomers that make up nearly half of manufacturing jobs today.

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Precision Handling

Precision Handling | Productivity Matters Blog | Praxair Welding

When it comes to automation for welding facilities, robotic welding is the technology that immediately comes to mind for most people. But another group of products can automate welding processes to enhance productivity, improve weld quality and create a safer workplace environment.

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Robots on a Dime

Productivity Matters Blog: Robots on a Dime

Robotic welding typically conjures up images of long-armed, six-axis robots on an industrial assembly line, constantly twisting and turning to perform welds on high-capacity products such as automobile bodies and panels. For many metfab shop owners, robots also create sobering visions like the high cost of ownership and concerns about versatility to meet production needs.

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