June 2019

Problem Solving by Elimination

The welding of stainless steel and the resultant damaged chromium oxide layer has long been a challenge for manufacturers. Aside from addressing aesthetics, the visible heat tint, removing this damaged layer (pickling) and restoring a healthy chromium oxide layer (passivating) is the only way to ensure the stainless steel part performs to its optimum potential.

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Retrofit Fires Up Old Machines

Productivity Matters Blog: Retrofits Fire Up Old Machines | Praxair

Praxair has engineered our line of industry-leading CNC cutting machines to significantly increase your production capabilities and to reduce your costs of operation in a variety of cutting applications. No matter the size of your shop or the size of your needs, with a full range of CNC cutting equipment, gases and consumables, Praxair has the right CNC cutting solution for you.

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Star Quality

Productivity Matters Blog: Star Quality | Praxair

With its corrosion resistance, low maintenance and luster, stainless steel has become a metal of choice for marine industries, oil and gas, construction, the food industry and more. While stainless steel offers these benefits, it also presents challenges in the welding process that range from controlling weld chemistry to protecting surface appearance and preserving corrosion resistance.

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