March 2019

Balancing the Bottom Line

Productivity Matters Blog: Balancing the Bottom Line | Praxair

Robotic welding is fast becoming more affordable and flexible, especially for smaller shops that are looking for new ways to streamline operations and improve production times. While the price of an initial robot investment and continued cost of ownership may seem daunting, a StarSolver productivity audit from Praxair can help navigate customers through the decision making process.

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Selecting the Right Shielding Gas

Productivity Matters Blog: Selecting the Right Shielding Gas | Praxair

Shielding gases play a critical role in many welding operations across virtually every aspect of metal fabrication. For example, shielding gases help you protect your weld pool from exposure to nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and other elements that negatively impact your weld. Keeping these contaminants out gives you better control over the welding process, resulting in better weld bead shape and reduced spatter levels. Better welds require less rework and clean up – saving you time and money.

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Productivity Equals Profitability

Productivity Matters Blog: Productivity Equals Profitability| Praxair

Let’s face it – in the metfab world, laser downtime is a productivity killer. If you’re down, even for a minute, you’ll never get that minute back. And that means you’ll never get that potential profit back. So what’s the best way to keep your lasers running at peak performance?

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