May 2019

Poor Laser Quality Cuts Into Your Profits

Productivity Matters Blog: Poor Laser Quality Cuts Into Your Profits | Praxair

A clean laser operates better and keeps your metfab shop running at its peak performance. But when contaminants such as moisture, hydrocarbons, halocarbons, and other impurities get into the resonator chamber, you can have big problems on your hands. These problems cut into your product quality, leading to production delays and increased frequency of laser cleaning and downtime for maintenance.

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How Contaminants in Abrasives Can Grind Production to a Halt

Productivity Matters Blog: Contaminants in Abrasives | Praxair

Abrasives for stainless steel grinding and cutting may be small in size compared to other manufacturing components. However, not only do they have a big impact on the weld itself, but if the wrong product is used, they can grind production to a halt. It sounds simple, but the truth is fabricators often overlook grinding and cutting abrasives. Choosing the right ones should be part of any mission critical process. And that starts with making sure the product is pre-approved and certified for the material at hand.

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Stargon™ SS Shielding Gas Blend

Productivity Matters Blog: Stargon™ SS Shielding Gas Blend | Praxair

Even under the most challenging conditions, Stargon SS gas blend can help you produce high-quality welds with very light surface oxide and improved color matching. While it can be used in a number of heavy applications like truck bodies, Stargon SS gas blend really excels on thin materials because, without helium, it provides a lower heat input, reducing the chance for burnthrough or distortion, while reducing costs. All of which makes it the ideal choice for joining thin gauge stainless in the food service industry and for architectural applications where minimal distortion and appearance are critical.

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New Fume Regulations

Productivity Matters Blog: New Fume Regulations | Praxair

Welding is a critical part of the industrial manufacturing process, but the process can offer a variety of occupational hazards. From product safe handling to safety gear to fume management, welding shops — large and small — are constantly looking for ways to remain safe and productive at the same time. That’s where Praxair comes in. Praxair is now working with RoboVent, an industry leader in clean air and fume mitigation, to offer a variety of innovative solutions to help metal fabrication shops become compliant with changing Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

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Little Hats, Big Hearts

Productivity Matters Blog: Little Hats, Big Hearts | Praxair

An avid crocheter, Praxair Distribution, Inc. (PDI) Sales Support Specialist, Judy Phillips, crocheted 100 hats for toddlers last year in support of the American Heart Association’s Little Hat, Big Hearts campaign. This year, she decided to invite the entire Grant Avenue branch team in Cleveland, OH, to participate: The result: 241 hats -- more than double the number donated last year!

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Case Study - U.S. Farm Systems

Productivity Matters Blog: Case Study - U.S. Farm Systems | Praxair

A popular expression in recent years is an “a-ha” moment – a reference to a point of awareness when a person suddenly realizes or discovers something significant. Thanks to Praxair and its unique StarSolver program, a lot of metfab operations are having great “a-ha” experiences. Officially known as the StarSolver Productivity Enhancement Program, the concept behind the StarSolver program is to have a team of efficiency experts conduct an onsite evaluation of a welding shop’s processes and work flow.

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