New Fume Regulations

New Fume Regulations Could Affect more than 5,800 U.S. Fab Shops

Praxair and RoboVent Come Together to Help Keep Employees’ Safe and Welding Shops Productive

Welding is a critical part of the industrial manufacturing process, but the process can offer a variety of occupational hazards. From product safe handling to safety gear to fume management, welding shops — large and small — are constantly looking for ways to remain safe and productive at the same time. That’s where Praxair comes in. Praxair is now working with RoboVent, an industry leader in clean air and fume mitigation, to offer a variety of innovative solutions to help metal fabrication shops become compliant with changing Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. “Clean air is critical, as the gases and fumes welders are continuously exposed to can be detrimental to an employee’s health,” said Chris Vihnanek, Director, Metal Fabrication for Praxair. “With the variety of new clean air regulations coming into effect, Praxair has been looking for a partner that would allow fabricating shops big and small to ensure the continued safety of their employees, while reducing the capital burden of installing a large– scale air filtration system.” RoboVent offers a variety of industrial air capture and filtration designed to provide a consistent, clean air supply to a shop floor. According to OSHA regulations, welding shops in a space less than 10,000 cubic feet per welder or in a room with a ceiling height of less than 16 feet are required to use mechanical ventilation to remove and replace the shop air. Additionally, EPA regulations now mandate the quality of specific air by–products from some manufacturing facilities. Combined, this one–two regulatory punch could have a dramatic effect on more than 5,800 manufacturing facilities in the United States.

Praxair’s StarSolver® Program

Through its StarSolver Productivity Enhancement Program, Praxair can conduct a complete productivity audit at a metal fabrication shop to determine how a shop can increase relative productivity — from workflow to supply chain management to, in this case, fume capture and filtration. “More than just safety, by capturing, filtering and recycling air, a fabricating shop — large or small — can reduce its annual heating or cooling costs by thousands of dollars,” said Vihnanek. “Instead of letting that heated or cooled air escape into the atmosphere, RoboVent offers a variety of capture and filtration solutions, allowing you to return clean air to your shop floor.” In addition to being an industry innovation leader, RoboVent offers a tremendously comprehensive warranty and customer satisfaction policy, key to the relationship with Praxair. “RoboVent backs their product 100 percent with their performance guarantee,” said Vihnanek. “Their systems and products are low maintenance, requiring little or no downtime, and when combined with their commitment to customer service, that makes RoboVent a perfect fit for Praxair’s StarSolver program.”

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