November 2018

Pursuing Excellence with Every Cut

Pursuing Excellence with Every cut 251 x 141

In today’s competitive laser cutting marketplace, companies are looking for every advantage to increase both their productivity and profitability. Every weld counts, every cut matters, and any chance to streamline process, reduce rework and save time and money is crucial.

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Choosing Laser Assist Gases

Choosing Laser Assist Gases Bubbles

O2, N2 or Air? When is comes to choosing your assist gas, the choice goes beyond just molecules. With CO2 lasers, the assist gas cuts metal via a chemical or mechanical process, producing a kerf. Assist gases include oxygen, nitrogen, air — and in rare cases, argon — and are selected based on the type of material being cut, its thickness, and the desired edge quality.

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OEM Parts Maintain Laser Performance, Maximize Productivity

OEM Parts Maximize Productivity

Just as with virtually every industry, the cost of consumable parts for laser cutting systems has fallen drastically in recent years. Replacing OEM nozzles, lenses and mirrors with aftermarket models that are not to Amada OEM specifications can reduce the laser unit’s cutting capabilities and lead to significant service issues, Hillenbrand says.

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