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Praxair – Your Trusted Provider of CNC Cutting Systems

Praxair has engineered our line of industry-leading CNC cutting machines to significantly increase your production capabilities and to reduce your costs of operation in a variety of cutting applications. No matter the size of your shop or the size of your needs, with a full range of CNC cutting equipment, gases and consumables, Praxair has the right CNC cutting solution for you.

Praxair’s ProStar® line of CNC cutting machines spans the range from the PRS 4 plate cutting machine for small metfab operations to the PRS 900 robotic beam and plate plasma processing system, the most advanced structural steel fabricating machine on the market. Praxair’s ProStar CNC cutting machines specialize in plate cutting, pipe cutting, circular cutting, 3D/beam cutting, dome cutting, drilling and contour beveling.

Praxair is a single source provider for turn-key CNC cutting systems sales and support, providing sales support, installation and training, as well as repairs and service after the sale. Our in-house factory trained sales staff and service technicians work together – simplifying the customer experience throughout the purchase and installation process, and in years to come.

Retrofitting Existing Machines – Modern Features On A Budget

Praxair can help you make your shop more productive without a large capital expense by retrofitting your existing cutting machine. Praxair can rebuild older models to extend their lifespan and help your operations meet today’s high-tech fabrication standards.

Maybe it’s the addition of new ProStar® technology—controllers, drives and motor/gearboxes, plasma and oxy fuel systems—to bring your machine up to current standards. Or maybe it’s a complete rebuild, down to a sandblasted frame. Praxair offers you a variety of retrofit options to make your old cutting machine better than new, all at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

And since Praxair’s National Service team handles all retrofits, you can rest easy knowing when your rebuilt cutting machine re-enters service, you’ll find improved cut quality, reduced scrap and rework, longer life from your plasma arc consumables, increased reliability and improved operator appeal.

Praxair offers rebuild and retrofit services for cutting machines from a variety of manufacturers:

·         ESAB

·         Koike

·         Linde

·         Heath

·         ALLtra

·         MG Systems

·         L-Tec

·         Airco

·         C&G Systems

·         Retro Systems

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