EDI - Electronic Data Interchange


Improve Workflows by Transacting Online with Praxair Distribution, Inc.

Quick, Easy Payments and Transactions Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) are fast, easy and accurate ways to process information and payments and reduce your total cost of doing business. 

Here are our current EDI capabilities:

  • Connectivity: Most methods supported, including sFTP, AS2, VAN
  • Transactions: EDI 850, 855, 856, 810, 997 and others depending on need (and cXML equivalents)

EFT: Improved Processing
EFT improves the payment process, delivering flexibility and reduced transaction costs versus paper checks and credit cards. Praxair accepts your EFT payment using the ACH format standards.
EDI: A Win-Win Opportunity
EDI is another way Praxair can help you reduce the cost of doing business. EDI is an electronic (paperless) option for customers who average more than 10 orders, invoices and/or acknowledgements month.