Fargo, ND Clearance List

Fargo, nd Clearance lIST

Praxair Distribution, Inc. is offering clearance sale pricing on a number of Fronius products at our Fargo, ND location. Contact the branch directly to order. There is a limited inventory at clearance prices. Products will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

 Item Number Description Selling Price
FRN4-048-003800 Cooling Unit 110I/460V $1,291.50
RN4-075-178800 POWER SUPPLY TPS 320I PULSE $4,877.25
FRN4-047-848 HP 95I CON/W/16.40FT $720.00
FRN4-100-612-U FILTER COOLING C-KIT FK 5000 $131.25
FRN4-100-811-CK FILTER DUST OPT/I TPS/ CK $65.25
FRN43-0004-0163 MIG CABLE GROUND 4M/13' $120.75
FRN44-0350-5182 WEAR PART KIT MTW400I 1.2 $87.00
FRN44-0350-5243 OPT/I MHP PULL MIG T HANDL SET $72.75
FRN42-0001-3541 ADAPTER GAS TPS2700 $42.75