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StarSolver productivity enhancement process

Meeting The Welding Industry’s Challenges

In today’s global economy, the welding industry faces many challenges that compel metal fabricators to seek creative, cost-effective ways to improve their competitiveness. Meeting these challenges means fabricators must reduce production costs, increase product quality and respond to ever-tightening environmental regulations.

StarSolver Productivity Enhancement is a Process Supported by Custom Designed Tools and an Expert Team of CWI/CWE Productivity Specialists

To assist you in controlling and reducing manufacturing costs, we developed Praxair’s StarSolver® Productivity Enhancement Program. Praxair’s productivity specialists use this advanced software package to accurately and systematically analyze your welding costs and, where appropriate, recommend process changes to improve your production performance. This is especially important for assessing the impact of labor and overhead, which account for 85 percent of overall welding costs.

Using Praxair’s StarSolver Productivity Enhancement Program, we collect current operating data and analyze it to determine if, and where, improvements can be made. Generally, cost-savings or productivity enhancements can be made with little or no capital investment. So, instead of requiring a broad range of costly and nonessential changes, the Praxair StarSolver program targets areas that are critical to your operation, while working to improve performance. Praxair’s StarSolver program can also be effective in identifying process changes that can reduce fume and limit welder exposure. Combining a process change with a change in operating conditions, can increase productivity by up to 30 percent.

Using Praxair’s StarSolver Productivity Enhancement Program, a comprehensive review of your fabrication processes is conducted. Plant-wide data is collected to determine current costs and productivity levels. Praxair’s StarSolver program can also be used to document welding parameters at each individual weld station. Welding variables such as wire feed speed, current level, gas flow rates and travel speed are used to calculate bottom-line welding costs. Praxair’s StarSolver program then quantifies the total cost-saving potential which can result from recommendations made to improve your welding operation.

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