Welding Gases, Consumables and Chemicals

welding gases, cutting gases, filler metals, cleaning chemicals

Metal Fabrication Product Line

Praxair Distribution, Inc. locations are full service industrial gases distributors and welding supply stores. We carry a broad range of welding machines and associated equipment from well known brands such as Miller Welding, Lincoln Electric, ESAB and more. We also carry abrasives, safety equipment, hand tools, gas handling equipment and other items found in a well-stocked welding distributor. Some locations carry dry ice. Some locations carry propane. Check individual location listings for details. Our 285+ branches in the USA stand ready to serve your welding and cutting needs.

If you're looking for information on a specific product, you can go to the contact us page, call 1-800-PRAXAIR or send an email to our entire welding team at welding@praxair.com.