Aluminum-Oxide Remover

Improve weld integrity and reduce defects

Managing Aluminum Oxide to Ensure Aluminum Performance

Praxair's ProStar Aluminum-Oxide Remover (AOR) reduces the potential for weld defects, restore product appearance, and ensures surface and patina uniformity. Praxair’s ProStar AOR, Aluminum-Oxide Remover, helps fabricators avoid problems caused by the hydrated aluminum oxide (HAO) layer on the surface of aluminum parts, including weld defects which can lead to the failure of weldments in the field, and damaged to the appearance of aluminum products, requiring refinishing, which can increase labor costs. Its one-step process targets and effectively removes the HAO layer.

 Aluminum-Oxide Remover

Before Welding

ProStar AOR removes the hydrated aluminum oxide layer and leaves a ready to weld aluminum surface.

After Welding

ProStar AOR removes post welding residues and improves color matching and uniformity.


See how ProStar AOR can help improve your aluminum welding process:

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