Specialty Gases

Specialty Gases

Rare or ultra high in purity, Specialty Gases help improve yields, lower costs and optimize performance.

Applications include analytical, medical devices, medicinal and pharmaceutical/biotechnology.

Portagas by Praxair® offers quality gas mixtures and regulators that are manufactured to the highest accuracy and backed by rigorous quality control processes.

Star EZTM is one of the most efficient and effective easy-open cylinder valves on the market today! This easy to use cylinder valve is safe and durable and has a lever lock for no-fuss mechanics.

Praxair’s Prospec™ cryogenic dewars come equipped with the StarWatch™ system, so you can stay focused on your work, avoid product outages and reduce wasted residual returns. Check the status of all your liquid nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide dewars from your computer or mobile device at any time.