EPA Protocol Rush

consistent accuracy and precision in emissions monitoring

Praxair's ProSpec™ EPA protocol and emissions monitoring calibration gases deliver stability, precision and accuracy.


Flaws in the calibration gas can result in productivity losses and other complications. Praxair's ProSpec EPA Protocol and Emissions Monitoring Gases can help you avoid rework, virtually eliminate time spent dealing with reference peak height drift, reduce wasted gas and simplify your inventory management.

With Praxair, you can enjoy consistent mixture accuracy and precision that reduces cylinder-to-cylinder variability. Our long shelf life and mixture stability mean you can use the gas for longer periods of time and have fewer concerns about inventory expiration. The stability also cuts down on reference peak height drift. All in all, your instrument calibration is just plain simpler to do.


By investing in the quality of our products and using a proprietary process that pays strict attention to detail in four critical areas, we can consistently provide accurate, precise and stable gases.

  • Qualifying and purifying raw materials
  • Proprietary cylinder preparation
  • Gravimetric fill and automated dynamic blending of mixtures
  • Quality control plus a suite of NIST SRMS / NTRMs

See how ProSpec EPA calibration gases can help stabilize your testing processes

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EPA protocol rush

Calibration standards where and when you need them.

At Praxair, we recognize that good planning is the key to success. However, we also know that unforeseen circumstances do arise.


We can help customers who experienced the hassles of:

  • Expired cylinders
  • Low or no inventory of calibration standards
  • Long lead times
  • Rush orders
  • Incorrect gas concentrations
 EPA Protocol Rush Lab

We plan for the "unplanned." As one of the largest suppliers of environmental calibration cylinder gases and associated equipment systems in North America, Praxair has taken its commitment to quality and reliable supply to another level with EPA Protocol Rush.

 EPA Protocol Rush Chart  

Praxair has many related services with its EPA Protocol Rush:

  • 24/7 Emergency Ordering and Regulatory Support*
  • Overnight Delivery* if ordered before 3:00 P.M. EST
  • Direct shipment to any location in the U.S. and Canada
  • Paper and electronic Certificates of Analysis (eCOA)
  • Technical expertise and support through Praxair's National Customer Care Center

(*see the sell sheet for details)

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QSpec ™ App

Increase Quality Assurance, Optimize Process Productivity

Praxair's QSpec mobile app provides greater integrity and efficiency to your gas dependent processes. Scan cylinder mounted QR codes with your phone to receive and store cylinder information. Quickly verify gas blend components and mix accuracy and track the expiration date of your gas belnds to maintain optimal process performance. Simplify cylinder management and cylinder tracking in your facility by using your phone as a mobile database of cylinder information. You can also email on-demand Electronic Certifications of Analysis (eCOA's) for each cylinder to your desktop.

QSpec App Benefits:

  • Scan and store cylinder information, blend expiration dates and blend specifications in your phone
  • Set alerts to monitor and prevent expiration of your gas blend to ensure process quality
  • Quickly retrieve and email eCOA's
  • Create, store and email your cylinder reorder list
  • Assign scanned cylinders to customizable locations

See how Praxair's QSpec App can help make cylinder management easy:

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