Star EZ™ Cylinder Valves

Simplify Cylinder Management and Improve Safety

Why do we call it "EZ"?

Star EZ Valve

  • EZ Handling
  • EZ On/Off Lever
  • EZ Contents Gauge

Star EZTM is one of the most efficient and effective easy-open cylinder valves on the market today! This easy to use cylinder valve is safe and durable and has a lever lock for no-fuss mechanics. The residual pressure valve helps ensure purity, while the active gauge shows the amount of gas remaining without needing to connect a regulator.

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Star EZ Valve Gauge


Here are just a few of the reasons why laboratories, universities, biotech and pharmaceutical companies – and other enterprises that require an easy-to-open, easy-to-see valve – can benefit from the Star EZ.

  • Ergonomic lever and no-fuss locking mechanism help provide enhanced safety
  • Permanent valve guard makes it easy to visually determine if the cylinder is on or off
  • Built-in pressure gauge provides at-a-glance cylinder content readings
  • Residual pressure and non-return valve features help ensure preservation of vital product purity

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