Starwatch and Dewar

Effectively manage your cryogenic liquid supply levels

The StarWatch™ Cryogenic Monitoring System – available exclusively from Praxair – provides a clear digital read-out of the liquid level and pressure in your dewar and alerts you with an audio and visual alarm when your supply runs low. The capacitance-based measurement of the StarWatch system provides a leap forward in reliability and accuracy versus conventional float gauges.

The StarWatch system comes equipped on Praxair’s ProSpec™ cryogenic dewars – high quality liquid packages dedicated to laboratory applications and optimized for either low (liquid) or high (gas) pressure service. The reliable ProSpec dewar, combined with the StarWatch system’s accurate level and pressure reporting, allows you to stay focused on your work, avoiding process interruptions from product outages. and the waste associated
with residual returns.

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StarWatch Features and Benefits


Easy-to-read, digital liquid level and pressure indicator

  • Always know the supply level and pressure in your dewar
    +/- 2 percent (liquid), +/- 1 psi (up to 60 psig service)
    +/- 10 psi (up to 500 psig service)
  • Reduce the risk of product outages
  • Minimize return of unused liquid

Adjustable low and critically low level alarms

  • Customize alert levels to your application and operations
  • Enhance security against product outage

Audible and visual alarm indicators

  • Recognize alarm condition through two different modes of alert

Dedicated low or high pressure service

  • Select dewars with pressure adjustment system suited to your application
  • Minimize product losses from safety relief valve venting during liquid service


Check levels from your PC or phone with The StarWatch™ Connect System

The StarWatch Connect System lets you check the status of all your liquid nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide dewars anytime from
your computer or mobile device. Users receive highly accurate measurements of dewar liquid level and pressure along with programmable alert notifications by text, email, and phone call.


  • Help avoid interruptions in cryogenic liquid supply
  • Maximize use of product
  • Reduce labour needed to check status of dewars
  • Better tracking of liquid consumption and plan for dewar replacement

Learn More About The StarWatch Connect System

See for yourself! Let a Praxair Specialty Gases Expert stop by your facility and demonstrate why you need to add this forefront technology to your lab.

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ProSpec by Praxair is not simply a line of the highest quality specialty gases, gas mixtures, equipment and services – it is a way of supporting your business and helping to ensure your success. Backed by the global infrastructure of Praxair, and the industry-leading experience and technical expertise of our teams, ProSpec by Praxair is all about meeting the most demanding requirements of customers like you.

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