Stargon™ Welding Gases

Our Stargon™ Gas Blends

Whether you’re welding steel, stainless or aluminum, Praxair offers proprietary shielding gas solutions that outperform typical welding gas mixtures. The benefits of Praxair’s proprietary welding gases include improved weldability, cleaner welds, better weld quality and faster weld speeds all of which result in lower operations costs for your fabrication processes. Stargon gases are available in the following containers: single T or K cylinders, 6 packs and 12 packs. Higher volume users can upgrade to micro bulk and bulk supply.

  • Praxair’s Stargon AL welding blend is an advanced shielding gas for welding aluminum. Stargon AL blend is a carefully prepared proprietary blend of argon with precisely controlled ppm (parts per million) additions of active gases, and it is versatile for use in both GMAW and GTAW processes.

  • Praxair’s Stargon SS blend gives you an edge in today’s competitive market for stainless steel welding. Stargon SS blend is a carefully controlled blend of argon, carbon dioxide and nitrogen that can help you achieve reduced costs, higher deposition rates, quality welds and improved weldability.

  • Praxair’s Stargon VS gas blend is a proprietary blend of argon, helium and carbon dioxide, designed to meet the demands of your MIG/MAG (GMAW) process with enhanced performance and lower operational costs.