Stargon™ AL Welding Blend

Stargon™ AL Welding Blend

Improve Aluminum Welding Performance and Travel Speeds

Designed And Optimized For Aluminum GMAW And GTAW Welding Processes

Praxair’s Stargon AL welding blend is an advanced shielding gas for welding aluminum. Stargon AL blend is a carefully prepared proprietary blend of argon with precisely controlled ppm (parts per million) additions of active gases, and it is versatile for use in both GMAW and GTAW processes. When compared to pure argon, Stargon AL blend provides better arc control, penetration and weld puddle placement, resulting in improved weld speeds and weld quality. By increasing arc stability, arc energy and overall arc performance, Praxair’s Stargon AL blend improves bead appearance, can reduce the cleaning zone, and provides better wetting and weld penetration – increasing process weld quality and operator appeal.

Typical Applications:

  • Automotive, truck and trailer manufacturing
  • Ship and boat hulls
  • Truck bodies and tool boxes
  • Loading ramps
  • Rail car structures and panels
  • Radiators and heat transfer equipment
  • General aluminum fabrication

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