Stargon SS Stainless Steel Welding Gas

Improve Productivity and Save Money

Argon-based blend enhances stainless steel welding.

Praxair’s Stargon SS blend gives you an edge in today’s competitive market for stainless steel welding. Stargon SS blend is a carefully controlled blend of argon, carbon dioxide and nitrogen that can help you achieve reduced costs, higher deposition rates, quality welds and improved weldability. It also contains no helium and is readily available from Praxair at a lower cost than helium-based blends.

Typical Applications

  • Pulsed and spray welding of dump truck bodies.
  • Joining thin gauge stainless in the food service industry.
  • Duplex stainless steel pipe and other pipe alloys commonly used in the chemicals industry.
  • Architectural applications where minimal distortion and appearance are of concern.
  • Thin gauge applications where low base material distortion is required.

Download the Stargon SS Sell Sheet Here