Stargon VS Welding Gas

High Deposition Rates and Excellent Weld Quality for Carbon Steel MIG Welding

Praxair’s Stargon™ VS welding blend helps improve throughput and productivity while reducing overall costs.

Praxair’s Stargon VS gas blend is a proprietary blend of argon, helium and carbon dioxide, designed to meet the demands of your MIG/ MAG (GMAW) process with enhanced performance and lower operational costs. The Stargon VS gas blend provides high arc energy, which stabilizes the arc and allows maximum wire transfer rates and travel speeds, focused penetration and excellent bead appearance – good wetting, flat crown and minimal spatter.

Stargon VS gas blend is optimal for:

  • Metal cored and solid wires
  • All-position welding (F1, F2, F3, F4)
  • High arc stability at both low and high amperages
  • Jobs requiring changes in metal transfer modes and electrode types

Download the Stargon VS Spec Sheet