Prostar Twist-Free Welding Wire

Prostar Twist-Free Welding Wire

Virtually no cast or helix, delivering predictive performance weld after weld

In your welding operation, the demand to produce high quality welds, quicker, and with reduced costs is relentless. However, production can be limited when your automated processes rely on standard quality welding wire with typical cast and helix issues.

Standard welding wire cast and helix issues can cause uneven wear on gun consumables, affecting weld quality. Resulting wire feed issues can also cause process shutdowns. Combined, these complications can severely limit production making standard welding wire a poor choice despite any perceived savings at the time of purchase.

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Improve metfab productivity and profitability while saving floor space.

ProStar “twist-free” welding wire is the right choice for meeting the demands and expectations placed upon automated welding processes for consistently high throughput and quality.

ProStar welding wire is sourced from a single mill chosen for its ability to draw clean green rod with high tech, proprietary de-scaling, drawing and coating processes to create a premium welding wire stock with unbeatable quality and consistency. From drawing and packaging to delivery and use, ProStar twist-free welding wire delivers predictive performance weld after weld.



  • 330 lb. PACs
  • 660 lb. PACs
  • 990 lb. PACs
  • 1200 lb. PACs
  • Spools in various sizes